Don’t you think that this Ebola “scare” has gone far enough? It has been completely generated by the media. The New York Times had several pages devoted to it this Sunday, and you can’t get away from online and broadcast assaults. 30 years ago, it would have been treated as just another disease, but when […]

Remember the old days when there was an impenetrable wall between the publishing and editorial sides of news organizations? Remember when opinions were presented only on the editorial pages and radio and television newscasters were objective at all cost? In many cases, this remains true and I would never question the ethics of most mainstream […]

I was quite excited for my shadow day at JohnstonWells Public Relations. I had no clue of what to expect. When I first walked in, I was really amazed. I loved the interior design of the building. It seemed like such a sweet work environment and the rooftop deck was the cherry on the top. […]

I spoke at a panel last night at CU-Boulder called “New Opportunities in New Media.” Its purpose was to highlight opportunities in social media for journalism students. My co-panelist was Tim Skillern, news director at Associated Content, and the panel was moderated by Sandra Fish (one of my former professors) and Beth Gaeddert (another J-school […]

I spoke at a small panel at CU-Boulder yesterday on the topic of “What to do with your journalism degree if you don’t want to work in news.” As an alumnus of CU, it was great to be back on campus and speaking to a classroom full of students about a topic I care so […]