Yesterday’s New York Times Magazine had an article entitled So Sorry.  It was about the phrase “thoughts and prayers.”  I have thought that we need to come up with something different to express our true grief at something such as the shooting in Oregon.  Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland agrees.  ‘“Tweets won’t stop this,” […]

Has Facebook become the unintentional default news source? It sure seems that way to me. This may sound like an obscure premise, but considering how much time people spend on it, how connected they are, and the ease in which they can share news information with their “friends,” I am beginning to believe it’s indisputable. […]


I always look at the headlines and sometimes read the stories behind them on the Denver Business Journal daily update. Today was particularly interesting. “Analysts: Recession ended 15 months ago” “Colorado budget gap of $257 million is looming” “Colorado near last among states in Q2 income growth rate” I’m confused, aren’t you? The analysts are […]