Compromise is a beautiful thing. Thanks to Governor John Hickenlooper for suggesting it and for Congressman Jared Polis for agreeing to it. It makes a world of sense both for fracking and anti-fracking camps. And, it saves them money. The only people not happy about it? The media, who won’t be getting the advertisements and […]

John Hickenlooper has become the Governor of Colorado today.  Hickenlooper is a businessman and brings that knowledge to state leadership.  He has appointed interesting individuals to lead each of the State’s departments and those individuals, hopefully, will not only be leaders, as well, but good managers to boot.  Leadership is wonderful, but good management is […]

We applaud today’s decision handed down by the Supreme Court that gives more power to the President to appoint or withdraw members of the Public Accounting Oversight Board. When all is said and done, Sarbanes-Oxley is about transparency and today’s news reminds us of the importance of truthfulness to a company’s reputation. Public relations leaders […]

When someone yells out “You Lie!” during a presidential speech to Congress and that someone is a Congressman, one has to ask where he learned his manners. I will be clear, I am a Republican, but not one of those crazy ones.  The outrageous claims that some Republicans have made about the new health plan, […]

— Guest post by Rodney D Bell Wednesday was an exciting day downtown. In addition to the buzz generated by Barack Obama’s arrival in Denver, several major protests kept things interesting, even as the DNC wrapped up its third night. I snapped pictures of the 3,500-member war veterans protest march primarily to send to my […]

— Guest post by Gina Seamans Tuesday, I didn’t work downtown. I did drag my whole family downtown in the evening so they could be part of the DNC energy. A few things we experienced: Our first stop was the double-deck MSNBC stage at Union Station. Very cool. Lots of signs and supporters. I’ve never […]

— Guest post by Gwin Johnston Tuesday morning, I attended a meeting at the Denver Athletic Club. It was pretty routine, except that when the meeting ended, I was invited up to the DAC’s rooftop deck to see Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi address a consortium of media outlets. I sat toward the back […]

— Guest post by Gina Seamans I volunteered at the Denver Center for Performing Arts yesterday and helped check in media who wanted to attend the Unconventional Women events and the Rocky Mountain Roundtable events. Here are my observations: • I arrived as a group of women dressed in hot pink clothes (who have been […]

— Guest post by Blake Jackson Thank goodness for camera phones. I was running downstairs to grab some lunch when I noticed a crowd of people gathered around Boney’s Smokehouse, a barbecue stand in Writer Square. I walked up and asked one of the fellows on the fringe what all the hubbub was about. “Someone […]


Details were released about The Big Tent that will serve as the media center for bloggers and other “new media journalists” during the Democratic National Convention. While we assumed that sponsors would put them up in style, we were pretty impressed by the amenities that were listed on the site. The Big Tent will be […]