First, he’s the reader of the news on NBC.  They give him assignments to burnish his image and thus the status of the news on NBC.  Second, he lied about his helicopter “ride” in 2003.  He says he misremembered.  Was anyone killed?  Was anyone injured in this helicopter incident? No, they weren’t.  Brian Williams is […]

Don’t you think that this Ebola “scare” has gone far enough? It has been completely generated by the media. The New York Times had several pages devoted to it this Sunday, and you can’t get away from online and broadcast assaults. 30 years ago, it would have been treated as just another disease, but when […]

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The public at large will never know, but those of us who follow the media on a regular basis won’t be surprised at the information reported Monday, Nov. 29 in a New York Times column by David Carr. He states that the whole pat down and opt out hysteria was fueled entirely by the media.  […]

Saturday’s Denver Post (the least read Post of the week) ran a 3-inch story in the business section that I almost missed. The headline read “Post’s Parent Company Files Restructuring Deal.” The story went on to say that Affiliated Media, the parent of Media News Group, which is the parent of the Denver Post, was […]

The closure of the Rocky Mountain News made a lot of people sad. Now it’s making a lot of people curious. A new header image over at has got people mystified and eager to find out more: The image appeared very recently and implies that something big is happening. The site itself is “a […]


This is the first in a series of open letters to the Denver media from JohnstonWells Public Relations founder and chair Gwinavere A. Johnston. The views expressed in these letters are solely of the author. Dear Mr. Singleton: I know you’ve been busy putting out a Saturday edition, working out the kinks in your new […]

People have been asking me whether or not having only one daily newspaper in Denver makes it harder or easier for those of us practicing public relations. First let me say that when I walked out to get the newspapers this morning – as I do every morning – it was sad not to pick […]

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Newspaper Project lately. It’s a PR campaign launched by “a small group of newspaper executives to support a constructive exchange of information and ideas about the future of newspapers,” according to the site. You might have seen an advertisement they placed in major newspapers after this year’s […]

Today’s newspaper reporters are armed with more than pen and pad. They have cameras. They have blogs. They have Twitter. They have arrived. has launched “DNC Right now” powered by Twitter front and center on its home page. Why the sudden emphasis on Twitter? According to this page, each reporter has a Twitter account […]

New data from Pew’s Biennial Media Consumption Survey 2008 was recently released. It’s a fascinating and useful study because it carves the media-consuming population into four distinct groups and attaches percentages and characteristics to each group. Integrators – 23% of the public • Get the news from both traditional sources and the Internet Net-Newsers – […]