With the fall of MySpace a few years back, many analysts predicted that social media would just be a fad and would eventually disappear… boy, were they wrong! Social media is now one of the most effective forms of communications and has redefined many industries including public relations. This is good news for those of […]

Social media has been called a lot of things:  unnecessary, fleeting, here to stay, influential.  Personally, I use it primarily for what it was intended – keeping up with friends and family.  Businesses generally don’t understand it and think it will deliver more than it can. I often don’t recommend social media participation for business […]

Has Facebook become the unintentional default news source? It sure seems that way to me. This may sound like an obscure premise, but considering how much time people spend on it, how connected they are, and the ease in which they can share news information with their “friends,” I am beginning to believe it’s indisputable. […]

The Wall Street Journal ran an article by Suzanne Vranica reporting that ad agencies are trying to grab a bigger piece of the social media pie.  I’m here to tell you that advertising agencies are no threat to the already established social media practices of public relations organizations. Link to the story here. Smart public […]

Many CEOs don’t want to engage in social media. They believe they can’t make the time commitment required, or that what they have to say won’t be of interest to a broad audience. I really liked George Colony’s (Forrester Research) recent advice to CEOs about social media. I found it most interesting, but not surprising […]

While most industries are clinging to social media opportunities to quickly connect with their audiences, healthcare businesses have been a bit tentative and shy. Patient privacy regulation and HIPAA rules can certainly take the “social” out of this form of outreach. So, it’s no surprise that Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting invited JohnstonWells to speak with an […]

Quite often, the question about how to effectively measure the success of a public relations campaign comes up in our community. So it is no surprise the same debate is occurring about the measurement of social media efforts. Before talking about social media measurement, let’s set one thing straight – social media should never live […]

For all of us in public relations, we should have a high Klout score, right? (Don’t know what your Klout score is? Visit klout.com to enter your Twitter handle and see your score.) But, is a score really what matters when gauging the value of social media? Or, is it the raw numbers, like how […]

— Guest post by Gina Seamans, 2009 PRSA Colorado Chapter President I have lost count on the number the social media seminars I’ve attended in the last year. And I receive invitations to several new seminars, workshops, webinars, etc., every week. The learning opportunities for social media tools and techniques are sometimes overwhelming. I was […]

Having friends is awesome. You get to hang out, eat awesome lunches, see loud movies. Better yet, the Internet makes it easy to make even more friends. But what happens when the friends you make online start to mingle with your existing friends – will they blend well, like a fine fruit smoothie? Or will […]