What Netflix has done is interesting – offering a year of paid leave to new parents. At JohnstonWells we’ve lost more people to their babies than any other way. Some of them came back when their children were older, some didn’t. It’s a grand experiment at Netflix. Will other companies follow suit? Time will tell. […]

I’ve had experience on both sides of this question, and I can say definitively, I don’t know.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  In the public relations business telecommuting often doesn’t work for the very reasons Marissa Mayer, the new head of Yahoo, states. Public relations is a very collaborative business.  Have you ever […]

All this stimulus money, where is it going?  Certainly not to small businesses who need it most. Since small businesses employ more than half of the workforce, wouldn’t you think there would be special programs to help these businesses manage better in these tough times?  Not a penny.  In fact, a friend of mine went […]

Entrepreneurial ventures have always been a key driver of the Rocky Mountain economy, and they’re one of the reasons we’ve weathered the economic downturn better than most regions in the U.S. Now is the time for the Rocky Mountain’s most winning entrepreneurs to stand up and be recognized. We’re helping get the word out about […]

Saturday’s Denver Post (the least read Post of the week) ran a 3-inch story in the business section that I almost missed. The headline read “Post’s Parent Company Files Restructuring Deal.” The story went on to say that Affiliated Media, the parent of Media News Group, which is the parent of the Denver Post, was […]

“More than ever, we need to talk about what’s possible.” That’s what US Bank CEO Richard Davis said last week in Minneapolis when he addressed 149 delegates of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation Leadership Exchange (LEX) trip.  Davis’ presentation, one of the trip highlights for me, was a perfect way to begin two days […]

I recently attended the 10th Anniversary meeting of the Council of Public Relations Firms in New York City. The Council is the trade association which represents the top public relations firms in the country. I learned quite a bit from the experience and wanted to share an observation: More public relations firms should take the […]