by: Gwin Johnston | stored in: public relations

There has been talk in the public relations field about marketing and whether to call our trade marketing and public relations.  After checking definitions of marketing from the American Marketing Association and Wikipedia I feel strongly that I’m not sure.

In my mind marketing has always been about developing a product and selling it, but that’s not what these definitions infer.  Rather they indicate that public relations and marketing purposes are intertwined because public relations is about the bottom line and so is marketing.  Though the bottom line in public relations is broader than the bottom line in marketing.  Paul Holmes, who is a pundit in the public relations field, has always maintained that marketing and advertising are part of public relations.   He may be right.

Public relations has always taken the broader view that corporations must worry about their reputations from all aspects – whether it be about their products or services, about their shareholder value, their sales force – everything.  That’s what branding is about – it is all a corporation does and says.

My conclusion is that public relations rules. Do you disagree?

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