by: Gwin Johnston | stored in: public relations

Was it really 20 years ago that we handled the opening of Denver International Airport for our client BAE Automated Systems? You know, it was probably the best client experience I’ve had. We were brought in two years too late – they already hadn’t returned calls from reporters throughout the world.

The infamous automated baggage system tape ran on all the television stations, near and far. But it was a great experience. Why? Because they treated us like true partners. They were sensitive to their employee’s needs, they understood what public relations could do for them and they followed our advice.

Sure, there were arguments with them, but we resolved them and went forward with our work. The mayor at the time blamed postponements on opening on them, but truly airport construction was not finished. They didn’t fight with the administration, but proceed with their work by concentrating on their employer base.

Laurie Cant and I had a great relationship – he hired us subsequently when he started another international company. But surely, it wasn’t 20 years ago. Or was it?

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