by: Gwin Johnston | stored in: business

What Netflix has done is interesting – offering a year of paid leave to new parents. At JohnstonWells we’ve lost more people to their babies than any other way. Some of them came back when their children were older, some didn’t. It’s a grand experiment at Netflix. Will other companies follow suit? Time will tell.

I suspect, though, it will stick in the craw of more parsimonious bosses and human resources professionals. HR people, I’ve always thought, are not the most creative or giving people on the planet. They should be. Retaining employees has been a real problem, and this is a way to keep them. We know that technology companies make lots of money. Microsoft is granting 12 weeks of paid leave for new mothers and fathers, and Facebook is giving couples 4 months of paid time off plus $4000.

Of course fathers need to accept this. Will it get in the way of their careers?

Too bad public relations firms can’t afford to do that.

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