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4 Tips to Rock Twitter

Content is King
To stand out in Twitter, you must have great content that is relevant to your followers. Talking about product is acceptable for 20 percent of the time, but it must be done in a fun, engaging way. The other 80 percent of time, tweets should be about topics that would interest your followers.

Have Personality
Food trucks have capitalized on Twitter. They use it as a virtual beacon to draw in their ravenous fans. The best display a bit of their personality as well. People connect with real people in social media.

Engage Your Followers
It is called social media for a reason. Your true fan base is with those who engage with you on a daily basis. This is a metric that should be valued over number of followers, because these are people who are most loyal to your brand.

Why the Boss Should Tweet
CEO of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate LLC, Sherry Chris, joined Twitter in 2007. Her company has a widely followed Twitter account, but her personal account focuses on broader industry issues and her own life. She is a great example of how having the boss weigh in on online conversations can give your brand a voice and personality. It also positions your company as a leading expert in your industry.

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