Industry recognition
“One of the best managed small firms in the country … (JW) continues to stand out based on its stability and experience.”
– Paul Holmes, PR Agency Report Card 2008
Edelman founder passes away at age 92
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 21:03

JohnstonWells joins the public relations community across the world in remembering the life of Dan Edelman, founder of the global PR firm, Edelman.

According to AdAge, Edelman died of heart failure early Tuesday morning. He was 92. A renowned public relations pioneer, Edelman had run his own independent firm for the past six decades.

"I was always amazed at Dan's success in creating a global firm," said JohnstonWells CEO, Gwin Johnston. "When we partnered with the firm years ago, I was also impressed with the quality of people we worked with at Edelman's San Francisco office."

JohnstonWells assisted Edelman with a crisis situation for Odwalla in the mid-90s, when an E.coli outbreak was traced back to the juice manufacturer. The project received a Best of Silver Anvil award from PRSA in 1997. Former JohnstonWells employee, Darby Doll currently works in Edelman's Hong Kong office.

Lerch Bates Hires JohnstonWells
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:29

Burj DubaiLerch Bates, the world’s largest and oldest elevator consulting company has hired JohnstonWells to conduct public relations efforts on its behalf.

The company, headquartered in Denver, has done consulting on elevator construction and operations in many of the world’s tallest buildings.  And, because so many buildings are now shaped differently, Lerch Bates also has created a new specialty – facade access, enabling building owners and managers to clean windows and repair the façade of the building should it be required.

JohnstonWells celebrates 41 years in business
Thursday, 04 October 2012 21:19

JW bday cake

Gwin Johnston and the team at JohnstonWells are celebrating the firm’s 41st birthday this week.

“The past 41 years have been both challenging, and a lot of fun.” said Gwin Johnston, CEO and Founder of JohnstonWells. “A lot has changed in the public relations industry since 1971. In fact, when I started the firm I used a manual typewriter. That was before faxes, before computers – I’ve seen lots of changes in how we do our business."

Here are a couple of fun facts about JohnstonWells you might not know:


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