Energy & Environment

With headquarters near the center of major natural gas, oil and coal production, in Colorado and Wyoming, coupled with the growth of renewables in the region, JohnstonWells has assisted a number of clients in the energy industry. And because energy development often collides with environmental concerns, our work in these areas has often overlapped. Our energy clients have included PPL Montana, Tucson Electric Power, IES Utilities, West Coast Energy, Public Service Company of Colorado, Gulf Canada Resources Limited, KN Energy, United Power, North American Power Group and the Wyoming Coal Information Committee (WCIC).

We also have expertise in areas of sustainable development and environmental issues, having developed and implemented communications campaigns for the City of Denver’s Sustainable Development Initiative, the Regional Air Quality Council and McStain Neighborhoods.

Through our broad experience with energy companies, we have developed deep knowledge of the issues they face, while our understanding of environmental issues allows us to evaluate the potential for environmental concerns to arise and to quickly identify appropriate strategies to resolve public concerns.

Real Estate

Since the firm’s inception in 1971, JohnstonWells has been associated with the Denver area’s robust and volatile real estate industry. Through the years, we have worked successfully with the top commercial and residential brokerage companies, developers and property managers. Our extensive real estate experience ranges from marketing and promotional support to help in gaining zoning approvals for controversial projects and crisis communications counseling.

JohnstonWells’ client list in real estate development includes the region’s major shopping centers, office buildings and residential developments. Our extensive experience has resulted in strong relationships with the business and real estate media.

Technology & Telecommunications

JohnstonWells’ technology clients rely on us to communicate compelling messages in the business-to-business marketplace and directly to consumers. We develop tailored public relations programs for audiences that include information technology professionals, business customers and partners, and consumers.

We make the difference in each client’s business because our tech team knows how to get up to speed quickly in the numerous industry segments. We do our research and we know how to meet goals and produce results. Most importantly, we know how to reduce jargon and complex concepts into terms and messages understandable to the general media and other key audiences.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

JohnstonWells has built its expertise in health care and biotechnology for over three decades, working with a wide range of organizations. Our clients have included hospitals and other health care providers, major insurers, pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical device companies, research institutions and medical associations.

We have conducted local, regional and national programs for these clients, including research and strategic planning, media relations, media training, crisis communications, public affairs, marketing support, internal communications and community relations. The ever-changing health care landscape is subject to many pressures, and we are active partners in leading our clients through the maze of business and policy issues at the national, local and individual level.

Professional Services

JohnstonWells brings a keen understanding of the issues and pressures facing professional services firms. While we have innate knowledge of effective public relations within this sector, we have gained added depth and breadth through our work with law, accounting, architecture, marketing, organizational development and human resources consulting firms.

We work with our clients to define their strengths in terms of the unique capabilities that set them apart and with attention to current industry issues. We then develop programs to reach very specific and often highly specialized target audiences. As evidence of the value we have provided such firms, our professional services clients have often brought us in to help manage various projects for their own clients.

Financial Services

Whether our work involves banking, credit unions, insurance, securities, accounting or financial planning, we stay on top of the issues. We recognize that companies within the financial services industry can be as diverse as those in the retail sector: a venture capital firm is not a bank or a local accounting firm, the goals of a regional securities dealer are leagues removed from those of a national insurance trade association, and never extol the virtues of a credit union to a banker.

JohnstonWells knows how to communicate the entire story, understanding that financial services companies have direct, newsworthy impact on business developments and consumers’ lives. Through the years, we have developed particularly strong relationships with the local and regional business media and have earned our clients coverage in influential national trade publications.

Consumer Products

Knowing how to position a product to reach target audiences is critical to being heard above the constant clamor for consumers’ attention. But in today’s competitive marketplace, awareness is not enough. We help our clients leverage product awareness from the point of introduction to an ongoing program of marketplace visibility and branding support.

Whether in conjunction with advertising or based solely on public relations, our programs effectively deliver the right message to the people most important to our client. From ice cream, juice smoothies, natural beef and beer to nutritional supplements, wireless phones, exercise aids and single-family homes, JohnstonWells has a varied and successful record in reaching consumers with effective sales messages.